ESB Apps

Track, monitor and control the organisational resources
for optimum utilisation.


Track, monitor and control the organisational resources for optimum utilisation. Explore our solution for enterprise mobility that offers multiple solutions to cater to the needs of FMCG, Pharma and Service delivery organisations.


Our solution enables organisations to improve their customer experience, optimise their resource utilisation and reap benefits of the digital economy through data driven insights.

Our solution provides ample flexibility and convenience to all users including the rock-bottom sales executives by equipping them with expedient data, ensuring better mobility to its customers with a competitive advantage.

Features and benefits

Field Source

Field force executives are the frontline of your company representing the brand as a whole. They are mobile and they need to know where they are going next, and stay in sync with the office irrespective of their location.

Sales Force

Field sales management not only includes the tracking, controlling and monitoring the sales force in-house but also includes the bustling ground level executives, who reaches the customers at the latter’s convenience.

Maintenance and Service

ESBApps IMS cater to all organisations responsible from installing products, maintaining the products and also organisation providing independent Services. Especially for the organisations which has following resources

  • Increased Productivity
  • Local Intelligence
  • Mobility
  • Cloud Collaboration

Secondary Sales

The Traditional method of generating secondary sales data from legacy distributor, ERP and other systems is the first step in misplaced goals and achievements. Acquiring downstream channel data ensures unmitigated reports. ESBApps unique last mile connectivity solutions provides real time insights using dashboards and reports, results in optimizing supply chain processes and improve overall sales management.

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