Internet of Things

Integration between the physical and the digital world.



Our vast experience in IT, inter-disciplinary skills and domain knowledge in engineering and IT, enable us to derive meaningful insights and develop solutions covering embedded solutions and Enterprise IoT etc.


PAS Info offers specialised expertise, with the single view of building and operating an end-to-end IoT system. We deliver our solution with a degree of visibility with software, sensors and cloud, making sure that the disparate assets become part of a connected enterprise, by a rich flow of data.

To build a solution, we ensure to keep in mind about IoT security, streaming Data, IoT Platform, IoT applications, IoT cloud, IoT Data etc.

We offer easy solutions for enterprise that collect business data from sensors to provide actionable business insights. Our solution to combine business data with sensor, helps clients to realise the significant benefits from IoT.

We further enhance our efforts to build industry solutions in the Internet of Things space and additional solutions are under development for other industries.

Our solution simplifies the Internet of Things for business to better drive innovation. With SAP solution for the IoT, we help our customers introduce new service-based business models that can help drive a competitive advantage.


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