SAP Support Management

SAP architecture is complicated as it is made out of various
unique components.


SAP architecture is complicated as it is made out of various unique components with multi-layered applicationsĀ and every component needs to perform ideally to guarantee responsive, dependable and reliable service levels. Monitoring such complex framework is an exceptionally daunting task that we are doing consistently with a clean professional expertise.


The most trusted SAP Systems Management Software that has created waves among the modern businesses.

Improves quality of service

Xandria reduces human efforts by extending extensive automation procedures and helps to avoid sudden breakdowns or failures of SAP systems.

Improves customer satisfaction

Create mutual trust between service providers and service seekers.

Simplify the workload in SAP administration

Xandria reduces SAP administration with built-in expert knowledge and lessens efforts for both installation & maintenance. It improves performance of the staff.




Designed from the viewpoint of a service provider, it provides a crystal clear view between service providers and service seekers.

  • Easy to install
  • Systematically pre-configured
  • Single agent server to manage all user applications and virtual cluster servers
  • Auto-discovery of database instances, SAP instances and virtual cluster servers by cluster switch auto-detection
  • 100% web-based simple and friendly User Interface
  • Direct access to customer based views
  • No deployment and relatively easy to use
  • Available for Microsoft Windows & all major Linux distributions
  • Supports all SAP Basis releases starting from 3.1I to 7.4, as well as HANA, TREX, BI, and XI
  • Allows encrypted communication between management agents and management servers


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